quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

"Eu possa me dizer do amor (que tive):
Que não seja imortal, posto que é chama
Mas que seja infinito enquanto dure. "

E eu sei que mesmo que a chama se apague meu afeto permanecerá!

domingo, 13 de setembro de 2009


Seja a mudança que você quer ver!

Sean Penn:

sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009

Muito gay mas...

... "

Stranger, But Mine

Well stranger,
I know nothing.
I better take a time at this time.
I know you said, but I’m sorry.
I want to work it out.
All my friends are also your friends.
And that makes you less a stranger.
And your name,
I’ve hearded it somewhere,
but I still want to work it out.
With all do respect, your kisses make me mad.
But don’t worry,
I’ll keep my eyes on you.
Why is this so weird,
I feel I’ve known you for years.
You can sleep,
I’ll just keep my eyes on you.
I’m already glad that I met you.
I like to see life from your eyes.
Doesn’t matter what awaits us.
I will deal with that surprise.
Even though I know you have a lot in your mind, the future, the pass and the planes you might fly.
I just want to tell you, that this love is true.
You’re a stranger, but you’re mine. "

terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009


A Ela

Quem és tu que me atormentas
Com teus prazenteiros sorrisos?
Quem és tu que me apontas
As portas dos paraísos?

Imagem do céu és tu?
És filha da divindade?
Ou vens prender em teus cabelos
A minha liberdade?


Só para não dizer eu te...

"...And I've spoken with all of the other angels
They don't know what to do
And I agree with them whole heartedly
I do... "...

... "...I love you
My ocean blue
I like the way your sea sees me.."

"....And if it never ends then when do we start?....."